Ready When Trial
Is The Only Option


I was represented by Tom A. Peterson IV Law Firm in the fall of 2016. I was facing an arrest for DUI and two other citations including operating an un-safe vehicle and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. My situation was complicated by the fact that I was on vacation to the state of Georgia, and I knew no one in South Georgia to ask for help. I was recommended to Tom A. Peterson by a Bail Bond Agent, she said “I would trust everything I have to Tom Peterson”. I will now add my endorsement to her sentiment. Being represented by Tom was like being represented by your father. From the first meeting he explained to me what the charges and the penalties were. He discussed with me strategy, defenses, and possible course of action. Every question I asked of him during the three months of my trial he answered. He was honest and upfront about everything. He is the model of transparency. He kept me copied on every action, and explained what this action does and what to expect for the next step. The outcome was exactly what he said it would be, and I am especially grateful because it was exactly what I needed in order for this event to not affect my job. I plead guilty to failure to exercise due care, failure to yield, and operating an unsafe vehicle. I received no jail time, no conviction of a first DUI, I was able to buy out my 40 hours community service, a 6 week outpatient program from a mandatory alcohol and drug evaluation, and a possible risk reduction course in Alabama. I was more than satisfied by the outcome because it allowed me to keep my driver’s license from being suspended since the plea deal allowed me to plead down to a failure to exercise due care, which is a much lesser charge compared to the DUI refusal. Tom Peterson the IV is a top notch attorney, and anyone with an issue in Southeast Georgia should not hesitate to contact Tom immediately.

Very Respectfully,

Tom is very professional, knowledgeable and hardworking, he went over and beyond what I expected.

Thank you,

As parents we were satisfied with the way Tom handled our son as a client.

Thank you,

My name is JS. I’d like to write a few words to express my gratitude for the Law Office of Tom A. Peterson IV. Approximately four years ago, I was indicted on some criminal charges that were drug related. Upon my first meeting with Tom, he seemed to intuitively recognize that I had a problem with substance abuse. After firmly stating his position and facts about my case, he agreed to represent me. He also gave me some simple suggestions to follow regarding treatment for addiction and to participate in a recovery program. And with some willingness, I was able to follow through. So with the experience, insight and compassion of Tom and his secretary Beth, today I am once again able to be a responsible and productive member of society.

Gratefully yours,